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We are here to support you in restoring and building a strong, healthy marriage through our coaching services.

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Coaching on Call - 60 Minutes

Our 60 minute phone call session is designed for couples or individuals who are in crisis and need immediate help. We are trained at the XO Mediator Institute and specialize in marital crisis intervention. We are available to meet you in your time of need. We are here to listen with compassion and understanding, provide wise objective counsel and help you navigate the best plan of action to start the healing process. You are not alone; we are here to help.

Coaching on Call - 90 Minutes

Our 90 minute Coaching  Call virtual session is designed for couples or individuals who are unable to overcome a particular area of struggle in their marriage and need clarity, direction, hope and healing. Whether you are newlywed, career-focused, raising kids, empty-nesters, or even separated, we understand every season has its challenges. We are equipped to utilize XO Marriage resources and other resources to teach couples or individuals how to conquer their area of struggle and become stronger in the process.

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Couple Unhappy 4.jpg

Marriage Mediation

Our full one to two day private one-on-one marriage mediation is designed for couples who are struggling with multiple issues and/or feeling hopeless about the future of their marriage. This intensive approach allows couples the extended time needed to fully process their primary issues without the interruption of time or hassle of scheduling multiple weekly sessions.


This service is offered in person or virtually.

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