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Building a Strong Foundation for Couples, Families & Communities

How We Got Started

Safe Haven Building Strong Foundations (SHBSF) was founded by Marvin and Johnette Davis in August of 2021. Being Married for 16 years they have had their fair share of marriage, parenting, and financial struggles. They know what it’s like to be a family trying to connect with each other and God.


After realizing the brokenness within their own marriage, they began to see the same heartache in those around them and how this pain can lead to a lack of strong families. This sparked their passion for helping restore broken marriages and birthed the desire for a resource center that focuses on restoring fractured families to healthy and purposeful lives.


With over 4 years of marriage coaching, 20 years of business experience, and actively leading the marriage help ministry in their local church, Marvin and Johnette are striving for Safe Haven Building Strong Foundations to be a place of healing so that others may thrive and accomplish their God given purposes.

Johnette and Marvin are both XO Marriage certified in coaching and mediation for couples.


To provide a safe haven that builds and restore families to the strong, loving and purposeful unit that God intended so they can confidently stand on a strong spiritual and emotional foundation and empower others to do the same.


To provide a safe, welcoming and secure environment in which spiritually and emotionally wounded families can learn how to become healthy and restored in Christ through our coaching experience with applicable tools and resources that will help them build strong biblical foundations for their families and generations to come.


  1. Integrity

  2. Honesty

  3. Accountability

  4. Humility

  5. Leadership

  6. Quality

  7. Transparency

  8. Trust

  9. Commitment

  10. Growth & Development


Husband & Wife, CEO and COO

Marvin and Johnette Davis have been married for 16 years and have 4 beautiful children, Sakiya, Marvin Jr., Micah and Micaiah.


Their relationship began over 18 years ago after meeting in Tampa, Florida on the University of South Florida’s campus at the end of 2002. After quickly becoming friends, they knew their prayer that the “next person in their life will be their spouse”was quickly becoming a very possible reality. Marvin had a daughter Sakiya, who was almost 2 years old and Johnette happily accepted her as her own.  A year later they welcomed Marvin II, while still in college, working and trying to make ends meet for two children, Marvin Sr. felt compelled to end his basketball career to work full time to take care of his responsibilities. They both felt they were created for each other and couldn’t imagine their lives apart! So at the ages of 21 and 23 they did what most young couples in love would do, got married! 


Newlyweds, two children under 4 years old, blended and no pre-marriage counseling, the beginning of their marriage was new, exciting, rewarding and often frustrating. Without much guidance or counsel, they loved the only way they knew how!  Two broken people from two different worlds came together to do this thing called life and what an adventure it has been. Years of being unbalanced spiritually, physically and emotionally led to infidelity, mistrust, identity issues, confusion, pride and insecurities.

In 2017 as God was healing and restoring, they began their  marriage ministry to teach others how to do marriage God’s way!

Through their brokenness, God has allowed them to build a family legacy that will help others build the firm foundation needed for generational impact. They are now doing marriage and life Gods way on his solid unshakable foundation, and walking out their purpose to empower and equip others to do the same for his glory!


Their desire is to equip couples and their families with the foundational tools to be successful as an individual, a child of God, a spouse, parent, sibling and friend. 

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