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Building and Enriching Marriages and Families.  

Safe Haven Building Strong Foundations (SHBSF) is a purpose driven business ministry that is designed to restore broken and wounded marriages and families to God by helping them build strong foundations that would in turn build strong communities.

We provide expert coaching and mentoring with applicable tools that support growth and stabilization in the areas of marriage, family structure, careers, and community service and development.





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Hello & Welcome!

We are Marvin & Johnette Davis, Founders of Safe Haven Building Strong Foundations (SHBSF).

We help individuals, couples and families build a strong foundation through our core pillars and empower them to do the same for others.


Our business ministry focuses on restoring:


  • Couples to Christ

  • Families to Christ

  • Communities to Christ

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Building Marriages

We work with couples to build strong, loving marriages that are selfless, submissive and Christ centered.

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Building Families

We build healthy families that mirror God’s purpose and divine order of priority:  God - Spouse - Children – Ministry/Church – Career.

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Building Communities

We teach families how to get connected and live a fulfilling life by building community and serving together to transform communities.

Our Services

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Meet Cory & Regina Holland

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We have been blessed tremendously by Marvin and Johnette. The first few years of our marriage were extremely challenging, and we should not have made it through. Marvin and Johnette held us accountable, consistently encouraged us to pursue the Father, and gave us practical tips to excel and win in our marriage. Today we have three beautiful children and a marriage that has the tools and love to withstand trials and the test of time. We thank God for them and their dedication and passion for troubled marriages. Their grace, love for us, and their transparency made a difference in our lives. We can now leave a legacy for our children, and we have broken the generational stronghold of divorce over our family.

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